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    Rising Storm 2: Vietnam

    Rising Storm 2: Vietnam is Red Orchestra Series' take on Vietnam: 64-player MP matches; 16-player Skirmish; M16, M79, Hueys and Attack Helicopters; the AK, Double-Barrel Shotguns, Toe-Popper Mines, Tripwires, Tunnels and more. Brutal. Authentic. Gritty. Character customization. And napalm in the morning.

    I worked on the game for the majority of the project and also worked on post-release updates continuing to support the game post-launch.

    BAE Systems

    BAE Systems is a British multinational defence, security, and aerospace company. The company is the largest defence contractor in Europe. Since joining BAE Systems, I have worked on the CAGE project.

    CAGE is a mission planning and mission support product for aircraft and land vehicles that allows users to accurately plan, brief, rehearse, execute and debrief missions from single sortie through to full force operations.


    Pavlov Modding

    Pavlov Modding Framework (PMF)

    I created a framework for Pavlov VR, called Pavlov Modding Framework (PMF), built entirely in the Blueprints in Unreal Engine 4. As there’s no source code available for Pavlov, my framework provides developers with a gameplay structure for custom game modes that acts as a gateway between itself and Pavlov/Unreal Engine structure. This allows for a powerful but flexible way of working. Functionality such as Player Controller/Player State hybrid for managing player logic, a Player Character Proxy for handling any character functionality, game flow and match handlers, event helpers (e.g. registering kills) and more.

    Halo Infection

    Halo Infection is a Halo 3 style infection game mode where it's humans vs zombies, when a human dies they become zombies. Humans must utilize teamwork and co-ordination to survive.

    In the 'Classic' variant, zombies are super-fast, super-weak and have low gravity, but their energy sword can kill humans in one fatal blow. Zombies can also jump with the off-hand trigger and lunge with dominant hand trigger (whilst off the ground).

    Humans start with a default loadout and can earn cash by killing zombies and use the buy menu to get more weapons.

    Infection (INF) is built as an additional framework layer on top of PMF, allowing for easy game mode expansion and customisation, whilst staying true to its origins.


    Rush is a recreation of the Battlefield Bad Company 2 Rush game mode for Pavlov VR. The core game mode is Attackers vs Defenders. Attackers have limited respawn tickets as a team and both sides pick a role to play as Soldier, Sniper, Support, and Commando. Defenders have to try and defend objectives until the Attackers have run out of respawn tickets. Attackers have to try and destroy all sets of objectives. Objectives are destroyed by planting a bomb and giving the defenders a chance to disarm them before detonation. A level designer can set the amount of objectives active at one time.

    Halo Tournament

    Halo Tournament is a recreation of older project Battle Arena to ‘test the waters’ of Pavlov VR modding and the creation of PMF. It has the exact same premise of consecutive 1v1s and was picked because of its simplicity, which allowed me to focus on learning how to effectively mod in Pavlov VR. Very shortly after, I decided to implement a core framework to make it easier for myself and others to create Pavlov mods easier.


    Battle Arena

    Battle Arena is an online multiplayer FPS, where players fight in a series of 1v1s to be the last player standing. I created this project to get more familiar with Unreal Engine 4’s networking, and the engine in general, setting out to create a small FPS game. Although the game’s visuals and sounds were cobbled together with mostly stock assets, the rest of the game was made by me. Supporting both dedicated and listen servers.

    UE4 Dev Launcher

    UE4 Dev Launcher is a tool made while making Battle Arena to launch uncooked games to run multiple clients in “standalone” mode and remove the Play-In-Editor hacks and workarounds. Although it is essentially a glorified batch file (based on the settings you use) it will send the command args to the editor to run in that state. It’s pretty flexible being able to change specific client settings, choosing maps/game modes switching between listen and dedicated servers.
    • My Development Time: July 2017 (About A Week)
    • Tools: Visual Studio Winforms (C#)


    PLEX is a basic platforming game with a built in level editor, the project wasn’t really the point of the game but I wanted to have ago at making a level editor. With the games built in level editor you’re able to edit existing levels, build new levels, play the levels you have built. It takes a picture of the level and then exports that into a custom data file that can be loaded in anyone's game (so you can send the file to other people).
    • My Development Time: A weekend in the summer of 2015
    • Engine: Unity (C#)


    LocalizeMe is a basic plugin for Unity to allow for easy localization, inspired by the Unreal Engine 3 localization system it uses text files to hold the information and at runtime grabs and caches the localized version of the text.
    • My Development Time: A weekend in the summer of 2015
    • Engine: Unity (C#)


    Kick Your Astronaut

    KYA is a Local Multiplayer/Couch Co-Op Brawler made for up to 4 players! Zero gravity physics allow for slapstick violence and comical deaths. This was the final year project where I worked as programmer/designer in a team of 4.

    Project Playground

    Project Playground is a Goat Simulator styled FPS Playground game, where you have been set a series of challenges, 3 minigames and 5 zayne weapons. This was the second year university project where I worked as the programmer and also an designer (mostly weapon design) in a team of 8.
    • My Development Time: January 2016 - April 2016
    • Engine: Unity (C#)


    Echo is a 3D point and click game, where you play as a blind girl who sees through echolocation. This was the first year university project where I worked as the programmer in a team of 8.
    • My Development Time: October 2014 - April 2015
    • Engine: Unity (C#)

    Game Jams

    Video: Show Reel of Game Jams 1 - 8

    SpeedShooter - #11

    SpeedShooter is a time trial FPS game side where you have to run through a training course and shoot the targets as fast as you can.
    • Tools: Unity (C#)
    • Game Jam: Ludum Dare 42 (Running out of Space)
    • Jam Length: 72 Hours
    • Link: Speedshooter (

    Superbman - #10

    Superbman is a 2.5D side scrolling platforming game where you have to wall jump to stay alive. Intense and fast paced, timing has to be right if you want to make it to the end.
    • Tools: Unreal Engine 4 (C++)
    • Game Jam: Ludum Dare 39 (Running out of Power)
    • Jam Length: 72 Hours
    • Link: Superbman (

    Final Front: Planetary Defence - #9

    FF:PD is a circular tower defence game where your planet is your base and you place towers on the surface of the planet, and even some abilities such as thrusters to rotate your planet!

    One Room At A Time - #8

    One Room At A Time is a 2D top-down stealth game where you have to get around the level to the end unseen by evading and optionally killing.

    Blowin’ Around The World - #7

    Blowin’ Around The World is a top down 3D shooter. Move and dash your way around the level and use your blow dart to kill the enemies. Endless wave shooter with a couple of enemy types and a mini-boss.

    Bang Buggys - #6

    Bang Buggys is a demolition derby game, where you destroy other cars by crashing into them and damaging them or pushing them out of the arena. It supported up to 4 players locally and had the option to toggle bots.
    • Tools: Unity (C#)
    • Game Jam: GameJolt Game Jam (Nuova)
    • Jam Length: 48 Hours

    Tomb Player - #5

    Tomb Player is a two player platforming game where you must work together to progress through the levels.
    • Tools: Unity (C#)
    • Game Jam: Global Game Jam 2016 (Ritual)
    • Jam Length: 48 Hours

    Shoot Or Don’t Shoot - #4

    Shoot or Don't Shoot is a top-down 2D reaction game. You will walk into a dark room and the room will fade in, you will then have to decided who to kill and who to spare.
    • Tools: Unity (C#)
    • Game Jam: Ludum Dare 34 (Two Buttons or Growing)
    • Jam Length: 48 Hours

    Neighbourhood Rampage - #3

    Neighbourhood Rampage is a virus infecting game where you play as a monster who goes around infecting the town (wave based infecting game).
    • Tools: Unity (C#)
    • Game Jam: Ludum Dare 33 (You Are The Monster)
    • Jam Length: 72 Hours

    A Bug’s Death - #2

    A Bug’s Death is a bug popping game where you have to use your magnifying glass to make alien bugs on the ground explode.
    • Tools: Unity (C#)
    • Game Jam: Ludum Dare 32 (Unconventional Weapon)
    • Jam Length: 72 Hours

    Artica - #1

    Artica is a exploration game set in the antarctic where you play as a fox.
    • Tools: Unity (C#)
    • Game Jam: Uni Game Jam (Frost)
    • Jam Length: 4½ Days